The Virtue of Writers

What I admire from the writers, aside from the magic they bring into their work, is their capacity to capture the secrets of life, the emotion and feeling that may enclose us everyday but we fail to care. Every time I read something quote-worthy in a book, I always wonder How do they know? Have they experience it all? How can they rephrase an emotion or feeling in such a way that makes us believe that that exactly how we felt or would feel in the same situations?  It seems impossible that a single person could portray a wide range of human emotion: sadness, jealousy, happiness, hatred, pride, inferiority, greed, desire, sincerity, and so on and so forth…with words that make so much sense we believe everything they say.

For example, a while ago I read The Husband’s Secret, a novel by Liane Moriarty, and came across these statements: Continue reading